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Monthly Archive for January, 2007

Super big tits

What else do I need to say more? I bet you never see tits as big as these… compare to mine, these are like hugh melons! Solid, but sweet and juicy!

Big tits

OMG, aren’t they heavy? Bigger than the owner’s head!

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Warming up my beer

I know some of you may not drink beer but for those who can’t live without, you may want to warm up your beer like how I usually do…

Warming my beer

Yes, use your boobs to warm up your beer, it will taste heaenly sweet! Trust me, try it now!

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My Sexy Neighbor

You don’t have to believe me, but what I am going to show you is my sexy neighbor. She likes to go naked and let me take photos! Check her recent photos out… Enjoy.

Sexy neighbour

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My sexy classmate seduces me

You may not know that I am still schooling and most of my classmates are very hot and pretty. Alice is especially hot and slutty.

Innocent school girl

Please say “hi” to her… she’s actually a bit shy 🙂

Sexy school girl

Slutty, but looks very innocent if you don’t know her.

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Naked Sports

Last time I showed you pictures of some families having a naked fun day at a swimming pool, I believe you have lots of fun watching too! This time, let’s check out some other families having some naked sports day!

Naked basketball

We start with naked basketball. Boys and girls, everybody on the court are naked! What a magnificent view.

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What could be better than a family day at the swimming pool where everyone is naked and nude? Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen are all naked… haha. What a view, check the below pictures out.

Nude swimming

Everyone is naked!

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