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Celebrities should always watch out for whatever clothes they put on. Not only will the clothes put them in the spotlight for the wrong reasons (although some of the stars actually crave for any form of publicity), they’ll be under scrutiny as well.

If you happen to be a star or an emerging one, always remember to wear underwear if you don’t wish for anyone to ogle at your body parts that are meant to be kept under wraps. The term nip-slip usually applies to the female species only (seriously, who’d be interested in seeing a buff dude’s nipples?) since women have better racks and the nipples look really supple and radiant. And in the case by Mollie King, her peek-a-boo nipple is looking rather pink if you observe it carefully!

Mollie King nipple

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Fernanda Tavares Nipple Slip

Fernanda Tavares is a very popular supermodel from Brazil. She is a regular on The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and was featured in Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit 2007. Now, she was at a runway show in Los Angeles the some days ago and when she came walking out on the catwalk in a tight sexy dress, she had absolutely no idea that her nipple popped right out for us to see!

Fernanda Tavares

Oh my god, everyone went crazy looking at her nip slip… oh no, this was a full boob slip. Her full left boob was exposed for everyone to see!

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Lily Allen nip slip

Lily Rose Beatrice Allen got into another drunk fight outside the Groucho club in London over the weekend but while her punches were weak, she used her nipples to win! Okay, not really, but while she was “fighting,” the paparazzi caught what we actually love to see, Lily Allen nipple slip.

Let’s check out Lily Allen’s nipples, shall we?

Lily Allen

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Water Polo in Beijing Olympics just became a whole lot more interesting after Greek player Christina Tsoukala accidentally exposed boobs during a match against Australia.

Christina Tsoukala

Congratulations to photographer William West of Getty Images for snapping this sexy shot! He must he pretty fast and accurate to capture this… :)

The other woman in the shot was Gemma Beadsworth, Australian Water Polo star.

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